The interactive program ThermoFluids

The interactive PC-program ThermoFluids was developed for users who occasionally need to calculate thermodynamic properties and who prefer to work with predefined Windows based programs. This program is based on FLUIDCAL. Thus Thermofluids allows the calculation of the same properties, for most of the substances as covered by FLUIDCAL. Details can be seen in the two tables given under  FLUIDCAL.

Calculations can be done on single points as well as on lines of constant values. Beyond this, the results of calculations on isolines can be exported into Excel sheets for further user specific calculations.

thermofluids Apart from numerical calculations, the program ThermoFluids also enables the user to draw certain predefined diagrams such as p-ρ diagrams or T-s diagrams. In addition to the vapour-liquid phase boundary it is also possible to plot user specified lines of constant temperature, volume, pressure, entropy or enthalpy into the diagrams.

In contrast to tabulated data, the program ThermoFluids enables the user to determine thermodynamic properties in a comfortable and precise way. In this way, ThermoFluids represents a certain kind of a customized electronical steam table.



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